A Toast to the “It Bag” of Paris Couture Week

Spring 2014 Paris Couture Fashion Week is in full swing!

The Parisian couture shows can only be described as an impeccable showing of wearable art; however, they aren’t always the main attraction. My favorite part of the week isn’t what is on the runway, but what street-style photographers capture through their lenses on the world’s most fashionable women.

Although the week hasn’t ended yet, a definite favorite has been declared among fashion innovators. “It Bag” of Paris Couture Week: Chanel No. 5 perfume bottle-shaped evening bag.

The bag is reminiscent of styles once featured in Sex and the City, and comes in clear or black. It is a whimsical piece that adds a little playfulness to any look, no matter how chic. The bag has been seen on other celebrities including Alexa Chung, Miroslava Duma, and Rihanna.


chanel3 chanel1 chanel2


Chanel Bag

Chanel bag available here!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the images used in this post.

Street-style photographs credit: HB Nam, Buro24/7

Trend Alert: Ear Cuffs

A Toast To Trends: Ear Cuffs
Ear cuffs never cease to amaze me every time I see them!  They come in all shapes and sizes, from giant and elaborate, to small and dainty.  When they first came out I didn’t think that they were quite my style; however, I have recently realized how truly obsessed I am with them.  
Ear cuffs aren’t just for edgy looks anymore!  Pairing them with stripes and classic pieces is an easy way to “trend-up” any outfit so it looks a little more fresh.  If you’re unsure about wearing them, start with a small pair like the ones I have selected from Shopbop. Check out the photos I’ve found from around the web for easy ways you can incorporate ear cuffs into your wardrobe, no matter what your style type!


Disclaimer: I do not own any of the images used in this post.

Shell's Picks: Ear Cuffs

Getting Sneaky

A Toast To Trends:  Getting Sneaky

One of my current style obsessions is the return of the sneaker.  The look has been all over the street style scene, bringing comfort to fashionistas everywhere.  From Converse to Nike, the classic wardrobe staple has made its way back to a must-have on everyone’s list.

Disclaimer: I do not own any images used in this post

A Toast to Trends: 90’s Grunge Revival

Being a true 90’s kid, I can’t help but get excited about the return of the 90’s grunge!  As a child I couldn’t see why women would want to dress in baggy clothes and “man-flannels,” but now I find the baggy silhouettes and casual flannels and sweatshirts very refreshing. (I also love any extra reason to wear my favorite Ralph Lauren lumberjack flannel.)

How I do 90’s Grunge:

90s edit 1

grunge edit 2grunge edit 490's Grunge

A Toast to Trends: Textured Leather



Leather has been trending ALL OVER the runways and streets for the past couple of seasons.  This season the runways have brought us a new twist: textured leather.

My personal favorite example of this trend is a tiered and tiny square-cut leather mini skirt from M.S.S.P.  I paired it with another trend, a chambray button-up, to help make it more casual for day-wear.

Skirt: M.S.S.P. – Max Studio Specialty Products (Dillard’s)  Top: Takara (Dillard’s)  Clutch: Michael Kors Ring: vintage