A (huge) Toast to: Miroslava Duma

I cannot get enough of Mira Duma’s style!!!!

Mira Duma

Every time her photo pops up on my Pinterest or in the fashion coverage of WWD, Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar, I can’t help but to go crazy over her personal style.  The creativity and innovation that she puts into her outfits is rivaled by none.  She ceaselessly comes up with bold ideas that quickly turn into trends all over the world.

Mira Duma is the daughter of a Russian senator, previous editor for Russian Harper’s Bazaar,  and founder of Buro 24/7.  She is a spokeswoman for Chime for Change, a charity by Gucci that promotes education, heath, and justice for women everywhere.

Duma is also the founder of her own charity, Peace Planet, which focuses on culture and education through the organization of exhibitions, conferences, theatrical performances, opera performances, artistic activities, as well as through literary works and performing arts.

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Getting Sneaky

A Toast To Trends:  Getting Sneaky

One of my current style obsessions is the return of the sneaker.  The look has been all over the street style scene, bringing comfort to fashionistas everywhere.  From Converse to Nike, the classic wardrobe staple has made its way back to a must-have on everyone’s list.

Disclaimer: I do not own any images used in this post

What I Wore: Investment Pieces

I am a firm believer in investment pieces.

Classic pieces should be chosen very carefully with a meticulous eye for detail, quality, and over-all design.  Splurging on these items will be worth it over-all.  If you don’t believe me, try my fool-proof formula that always makes me feel better for spending a little extra on classic pieces for my wardrobe!

Price of Investment Piece / # of Times Worn

Start with a quick estimate of how many times you think you’ll wear the item in a year.  For example, a classic handbag can be worn hundreds of times during the year if it is made of high-quality materials.  Divide the price of the investment piece by the number of times you might wear it to get your Price Per Wear. You will find that spending a little extra on a classic investment piece is a much better deal than spending nearly the same amount on various low-quality trendy pieces.

My all-time favorite investment piece is my vintage Louis Vuitton messenger bag.  This handbag was my first large purchase when I was a teenager, and I have no regrets.  This handbag can be dressed up or down, and is appropriate for nearly every occasion. Take a look at how I wore my classic Louis Vuitton today!

Handbag: Louis Vuitton Watch: Michael Kors Jewelry: BCBG Black Bow band, Vintage rings, necklaces, bangle Nail Polish: OPI in Big Apple Red